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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Long Days, Good Friends

After two days of being unable to get email access here at the hospital, I have a brief window. Elizabeth's doing well, though it's clear she's getting tired. Today we painted pictures and enjoyed a visit from friends to help pass the morning. At this point, there's nothing exciting to report, just 4 more days of IV antibiotics and this routine and hopefully we'll get to go home on Monday evening. Ruby's having a ball at her friend Sophie's house but has started waking more at night. I think she's wearing thin as well. We're in good spirits, just all pretty tired. We appreciate your prayers. Yesterday the director of the playroom offered to have a volunteer sit with Elizabeth so I could take a break. Apparently I had "that look". :) Thank God for perceptive hospital staff! Okay, my window is closing, gotta run.
If I can get online I'll continue to send updates...

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