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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Highlights

We finally got taken off precautions and isolation and made our way to both the playroom and the roof-top garden today! We had a lovely time roaming the halls, and as usual, Elizabeth charmed the nurses, saying, "Excuse me nurse! I need a graham cracker!" and "Okay, I need to go back to my hospital room now, we will see you later."

She really does set the tone of our stay with her cheerful attitude. She jumps right in to make herself at home. Despite the hardship that it is to be in the hospital, away from each other so much of the day and putting our life on hold, God's grace has been abundant. Today, I actually used the words "easy" to describe this stay so far…with friends jumping in to bring meals and treats, care for Ruby and help out with errands…I feel a little spoiled! We're surrounded by such amazing friends, we have tremendous favor amongst the hospital staff and actually feel quite blessed under the circumstances. Call me crazy, but I feel very, very loved right now…And the more I think about it, the happier I feel. God is so good.
I'll close tonight with a Ruby-ism:
Ruby loves sour cream…with anything. She thinks ranch dressing is sour cream and loves to dip anything in it. Unrelated, she also loves Baby Balm, a diaper cream created by a Dr. friend of ours. She asks for it frequently. Over the weekend, as I was getting her ready for bed, I found her lying on the floor, diaper off, self-applying baby balm and saying, "more sour cream on Ruby's Bum??" This child will take care of things herself, thank you very much.
Goodnight and bless you for continuing to lift us up in prayer.
The Harms Family

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