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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Day on 8 West

Because it's a weekend, things move slowly at the hospital. We still don't have a name for the bug yet, so Elizabeth is getting frequent doses of "broad spectrum" antibiotics. The sooner we know what bug we're dealing with, the sooner they can narrow the antibiotic down to something that will treat exactly what she has, and we'll be able to cut a few doses out, so everyone will get more sleep. Right now she's getting 4-6 doses each of two different IV antibiotics around the clock...that makes for lots of day and night-time activity since each dose sets off an "almost done" alarm, then an "all done" alarm and then requires a flush, which sets off an "almost done" alarm, then an "all done" alarm...which in the middle of the night wakes up both Elizabeth and Daddy and means a call to the nurse to ask her to come turn off the alarm. It's NOT a great way to spend ones sleeping hours. Needless to say, we'd appreciate your prayers for good rest for all of us. In yet another act of mercy, our friend Jesse stopped by and brought me caffeine this afternoon and brought me back from the brink. Thanks Jesse!

E's definitely feeling better, though the antibiotics are wrecking havoc on her GI tract and I think it makes her tummy feel crummy. Our biggest challenge is keeping up with our healthy toddler in a germy, room filled with medical devices! Ruby's got energy to burn and we're looking forward to E being off of isolation so we can all head to the playroom. When it's not raining we'll also be able to take walks in the 8th floor garden.

Here are some pics of the girls (this is the best smile I could get...I was being upstaged by Angelina on the TV) and our game of candyland this afternoon.

The girls don't get it yet, so Elizabeth was more interested in collecting all the "tickets" and Ruby wanted to take her gingerbread man for a walk...

Daddy and I managed a fierce game over their heads and Daddy pulled out a win thinks to his mad skills and mommy drawing the candy cane at the last minute...

...needless to say, there will be a rematch.
Thanks for your continued prayers for rest and wellness.

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Elissa said...

Praying for rest and wellness! Love the part about Candyland... turns out Mommy is too competitive/controlling/so-not-a-preschool-teacher to play "Lily Rules Candyland" so we let that be Nana's game :)