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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Third time's the charm??

We need to ask for your prayers once again for our little one. No sooner had I posted our "coming home" email to our blog, then we started noticing Elizabeth's belly was increasingly distended and her breathing more labored. Her symptoms worsened over the last 24 hours and after talking with our GI, Elizabeth is back in the hospital tonight. These symptoms match the ones that put her in the hospital last August. These symptoms eventually turned out to be a bacterial peritonitis (an infection in the fluid collection in her a result of the clot they later discovered). We're not taking any chances, and we're hoping that after 3 admissions in as many weeks, the Team is beginning to see that any tinkering with Elizabeth's diet, fluid intake or medications has significant results and needs to be weighed and watched before someone can "sign off" on her. She hasn't even recovered emotionally & psychologically from her recent hospital stay. She's still afraid of everything, and exhibiting some stress behaviors that we only see when she's in the hospital. It breaks our hearts to bring her back into that environment, regardless of how nice everyone tries to be.

The timing of this obviously makes travel to CA this weekend seem an impossibility. I've been flat on my back and hobbling to and from Elizabeth's follow up appointments with the help of a family friend who has carried Elizabeth and done all the lifting. My strain is still painful and now is a really bad time to be doing the "hospital routine". But, it's where we are and what we have to do right now, so please pray for grace and strength and obviously for healing for ALL of us. Matt's been amazing. His 33rd birthday is tomorrow...actually today, Oct. 10. Elizabeth will turn two on Sunday the 14th, yet we can't even think that far.

We covet your prayers and will keep you posted.

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