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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Oct 3rd

We're still in the hospital. Elizabeth is doing better with the help of some IV fluids. All of her labs and tests have come back negative, which means so far we don't think there's an underlying reason for her "mal-absorption", continued diarrhea and dehydration. Basically, her gut just hasn't been able to recover and after 2 bugs in two weeks, her body simply doesn't have the reserve to fight.'s a wait and see game. Continue with the IV fluids, suspend the diuretics, slowly introduce nutrition in the form of lactose free Pediasure, and hope that her body begins to get well and "normalize". We're thankful that there doesn't seem to be an underlying cause like Cystic Fibrosis, but that also reduces our treatment options. Granna's set to leave on Friday I think we're all in denial about that. We're just thinking about today.

We'd appreciate your prayers for:
*Elizabeth's speedy recovery and complete healing!
*Grace, encouragement and strength for Matt as he juggles work and tries to compartmentalize studying for Board Exams (Nov. 6), working, thoughts & concerns about his dad's recovery from surgery (going well overall) and caring for his wife and daughter.
*The same for Granna and I as we trade shifts at the hospital, and wisdom about whether my mom should extend her trip a few days.
*Wisdom about whether we should even consider taking Elizabeth to California next weekend for the Memorial Family Reunion for my Grandpa.
*Hope & Faith for all of us.

We're so thankful for you! Here are a few pics from yesterday.

Elizabeth loves her new Elmo Remote there ANYTHING that red monster doesn't sell??

Trying out her stethoscope. The good news is, Elizabeth is beginning to be more comfortable with her vital checks (every 4 hours while she's in the hospital). Previously, the contextual clues of a nurse checking her weight, blood pressure, heart rate and temperature sent her into hysterics, because it usually preceded an IV, blood draw or hospitalization. As she's getting older, & we've incorporated songs and done some play therapy with the medical tools, she being able to remember that there are some procedures that don't hurt. That's a relief for all of us.

I'm sure she's in violation of the National Academy of Pediatrics standards for appropriate distance for TV viewing...oh wait, she isn't even supposed to be watching TV at her age!! Well, one more thing she'll need therapy for least for now, she's in Signing Times Heaven. ;)


jen said...

we're praying, sara, for all that you've listed here!


joe and jen

Jamie said...

I am a friend of Katharine Taylor's and receive your updates from her.

Our family regularly holds yours before God, and will pray for those things you have requested.

You and Elizabeth are an encouragement to us, as I'm sure you are to all you encounter.

May you feel Him close through it all.