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Sunday, October 7, 2007


We're home. We're exhausted, but grateful to be ALL sleeping in our own beds tonight. In a turn of events (no doubt God ordained) Elizabeth's IV broke yesterday afternoon. Since she was doing well on the new food, and puffing up from all the fluids she was no longer losing, we agreed to pull the IV and wait to place a new one until they drew her morning labs today. This morning, they again decided to hold off on the IV, and when her labs came back looking good, and she continued to tolerate her food well, they gave us the green light to take her home. We have pager numbers for our pediatrician and GI and have the invitation to page them if we notice signs of dehydration again (by now, we're getting good at spotting it!), and follow up appointments for labs and check ups over the next few days, so we feel comfortable bringing her home to recover.

We still can't make the decision about whether to travel to CA this coming weekend. We'll just have to wait and see how she does over the next few days.

Please pray for:
~Rapid healing for Elizabeth & grace for her and us as we transition home...every time she's in the hospital, her life gets turned upside down and we slowly need to reorient her to "normal".
~Wisdom about the California decision. We don't want to put her through too much too soon, but we're also aware that this is an important weekend in the lives of BOTH our families and we'd love to be with them.
~Sara's health. In the transition home, she strained an abdominal muscle and can hardly walk or lift anything. Obviously this is poor timing. Elizabeth is so weak from her hospitalization and can't walk or even crawl much, and we have to give her tube feeds every 3 hours around-the-clock, so she is especially "high maintenance" right now. We simply need a miracle.

Thank you for continuing to encourage and pray and stand beside us throughout this journey. We pray YOU won't get weary either!!
Bless you for your faithfulness to us.

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