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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another day, another beautiful view

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting....That's what we're doing today. Elizabeth was scheduled for her endoscopy at noon, then one, then eleven, and now three o'clock. That's fine, since she'll still get her nap in (PRECIOUS these days), but that also means she's been unable to eat anything (officially "NPO") since 5am, and I know she's hungry (read: crabby). We're in the home stretch though now, so only a few hours to go and hopefully, she'll sleep until she gets taken down. It's anybody's guess whether we'll go home today, or tomorrow or this weekend. We'll see what the endoscopy shows. Thanks for your prayers for all of us. Here are a few pictures.


We've spent a lot of time looking out this window. We're looking at Forest Park, the "Central Park" of St. Louis. In the distance is downtown Clayton (for those of you Bay Area folks, it's kinda like downtown Palo Alto). Our neighborhood isn't visible from this window, as we are looking directly west, and our house is directly south of the hospital. Last night there was a thunder storm, complete with lots of lightening and rain. Today, the foggy/misty weather that you see here (from yesterday) has turned, in favor of blue skies, warm wind and billowy clouds. We can't wait to get out of this room and spend a little more time in the outdoors.

Elizabeth spends her down time between feeds, naps and vital checks reading books, going for rides in her Wagee, playing in the Play Room (she calls it the "toy room") here on the 8th floor, and generally delighting anyone who walks in the room, or passes by her in the hallway. Her spirits have definitely settled in the past few days. Thanks for praying about that. She's more content and has allowed herself to enjoy playing with some toys (mostly loving her new set of veggies and fruit that you can actually cut up, thanks to velcro!). She even offers the nurse her the appropriate body part for vital checks: leg for blood pressure, finger for oxygen saturation and armpit for her temperature. She's growing up!
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