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Friday, October 12, 2007

New Room, More of the same...

The highlight of yesterday was when Matt arranged for us to move from our tiny little "curtain cubicle" in 28A to the BIG spacious space in 34B. Elizabeth got an Echo to rule out the possibility that heart failure may be contributing to her sudden fluid retention. Everything came back clear from that standpoint. She has yet to spike a fever, so she doesn't have a peritonitis either (bacterial infection in the fluid). She also doesn't have any IVs, and doesn't need daily labs (blood draws) at this point, so she's much more comfortable than she was a week ago.

As far as figuring out what's wrong and fixing it, we're now on the slow path of balancing her nutrition, fluid intake and diuretic regimen so that we can get her back to her "baseline." (the medical-ese for how she is normally, when she's not sick) We're now trying to figure out if she has a new baseline, or if we can expect for her to go home and eventually return to her old self...This would be our preference. We had a good thing going until she got that bug!

We're here for at least another 48 hours, and beyond that, we don't know. Elizabeth is enduring the hospital thanks to frequent wagon rides, videos, books and toys, as well as frequent & distractionary visitors from church, my MOPS group and Matt's work. We are being so well taken care of. We're especially grateful for to Matt's colleague's family (the Weihls) who have gone above and beyond to set up a system so we don't have to manage anything, but are able to receive meals, and company at the hospital and help at the house. What a blessing.

Matt and I are hanging in there too. Matt's mom is flying in today, and as we like to say, "the cavalry is arriving!!" She's the master of distraction and will be such a big help in keeping Elizabeth entertained in the hospital and beyond.

My muscle strain is still painful but manageable, especially with all the helpers who can lift Elizabeth and help pull her on her "wagee" rides. Because of all the invasion of her comfort zone this last month, she's afraid of almost anyone who isn't mommy or daddy right now, so we'd appreciate your prayers for her little spirit. It's difficult for me to accept help with her if she's stressed out by strangers. It will be good for her to see Grandma.

Here are a few pictures of Elizabug from the last few days:

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Enjoying a Wagee ride in the roof-top garden. It's suddenly turned cold in Saint Louis, and cold means...fall...and Baby Girl Harms 2 is coming soon! Eeek!

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Bonnie said...

Hi, My name is Bonnie Sookermany, I am friends to David and Svea. I just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you and your family a lot this week. I pray that God will grant you strength, peace and grace to help you through this. I also wanted to let you know that I head up a kids prayer group here in our church called from Wonder to Worship and we will be praying for you and Elizabeth as well.
Take care and God bless.