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Friday, June 15, 2012

A Note from Ava's Auntie Svea

It is hard to measure the impact of a single life, especially one as brief as Ava's.  Yet, as I sat among friends and family at her beautiful and heartbreaking memorial, I realized that Ava’s life though painfully short, had impacted hundreds of people all over the world.

I know many of you also have been touched by Matt and Sara’s journey with their beautiful daughter, and I wanted to invite you to share your stories with them. Would you be willing to take a few moments and share the details of how Ava’s life and Harms family has impacted you and those around you who have followed their story?  The gift of your words will stand as a testimony that Ava’s life had incredible meaning and purpose and also be a balm of healing for the hearts of those who miss her still.  You can send your notes to

Thank you for your friendship and love and for taking the time to honor sweet Ava.

Auntie Svea

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Abby said...

Svea what a precious idea! I love your heart.