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Monday, June 25, 2012

Hannah The Brave & God the Provider

A week ago, Hannah fell down a few steps in our home, and then recovered so fully that we cancelled an appointment for an x-ray that afternoon. She's been lifting, twisting, pulling and playing so comfortably ever since that it was hard to imagine anything could possibly be wrong. But a few times, when we put pressure on her forearm, she'd wince, enough that when we got home from our road trip, we thought it was worth ruling out a possible problem.

Does this look like someone with a wrist fracture in two places??? Our big girl has both radial and ulnar buckle fractures!

She was a rock-star while getting her cast...(gortex, so it can get wet!) but after 5 hours at the hospital, she was wiped out!
The best part of the whole experience was being reminded that even though our moments of crisis with Ava are over, God is still providing for us each and every day. This morning, Ms. Marcia texted me before either of us knew we'd be heading to the hospital and offered to help us get back on our feet today...and then she stayed with the big girls all day while Hannah and I were getting her arm checked out. And then a friend brought yummy dinner to feed our family moments after I got home.

God hasn't changed.

Apparently He's not in any hurry to allow us to "do" our life all by ourselves.


Ashley Dunaway said...

She looks darling!!!!!

Emma said...

She's such a big girl! And SO brave!! And she has such good taste in color!