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Monday, April 16, 2012

Quick Turnaround

After giving us a scare last night, Elizabeth is quite perky and doesn't have a fever this morning! We'll keep a close eye on her since she often starts to spike again in the afternoon, but for now it appears--since the other girls are also coughing and having runny noses--that it's just a virus.

Because of her already compromised breathing and her immunosuppression from steroids, Ava simply cannot get sick. So far, God has miraculously kept her well, so we are praying that continues.

***an end of the day update: Elizabeth's fever never returned, so she'll be back in school tomorrow (Tuesday). The other girls still have cold symptoms, but so far Ava is holding her own. She has started having some breathing trouble, which is causing us to hover a bit more. This is especially concerning in the middle of the night, when everything seems a little scarier. Thanks for your prayers! Keep them coming!


Abby said...

Thanks for the update! We will pray that the One who reigns over darkness and light will give you the same peace in those wee hours of the night that He is so faithfully giving you each and every moment of the day. Love you.

Maria W said...

Glad to hear Elizabeth is back to her bright-eyed self! Praying the other girls are at 100% soon and that sweet Ava stays healthy! AND of course that mom and dad stay healthy too.

Matt and Sara said...

Thanks friends. And thanks for the comments. We're blessed by all the love.