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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Prayers for Elizabeth

On Thursday, Elizabeth and I had a rare date, just the two of us. She was such a brave patient during her blood-draw, she deserved a treat! 

This moment was made possible by the many people who are loving and serving us right now. They're stepping in to babysit, making meals, running errands, picking up groceries AND bringing me caffeine to help me make it though the day! We're so grateful! And thank you especially for continuing to pray for us. 

Would you pray for Elizabeth tonight? She must have heard me mention that things were awfully peaceful around here, because tonight she's got a 104 fever and we're watching and waiting to see where it goes. We've done this dance with her for six years now, but it's still scary. 


Liesa said...

Will pray that God will put his healing hands on Elizabeth.

Amy said...

Oh Sara, I'm praying for all your children. I hope Elizabeth heals quickly and like every night I pray for ava, I will continue praying for a miracle but also praying you keep the peace you have found. That peace is so powerful I am so glad you have it here and now. God bless your family. I am serious when I say I think of your family every day!!! Love you all!!!!!

Unknown said...

How is she today? Praying for your family..

Matt and Sara said...

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. You bless us.