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Friday, February 25, 2011

Ultrasound Results...

Today's visit was a mixed bag.

The good news is, the baby, measuring at 15 weeks and 3 days, is growing perfectly. So at this point, even though he or she appeared to be a bit squished on the ultrasound, we don't have any worries about the bambino's growth. The placenta is looking well and is mostly out of the way of the clot, so that's good too. The clot itself hasn't grown and so is considered stable. However, the clot remains quite large, and because of it's position, still poses a bleeding risk. As a result, there are 4 more weeks of bed-rest on the horizon...We're of course grateful that the baby seems safe and well and at the same time frustrated that the darn clot won't just disappear! But we're oh so looking forward to Grandma Harms' arrival on Tuesday afternoon!

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