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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Prayers for our Pregnancy

Despite our best efforts, life for us just refuses to get mundane!

Last Thursday, two days after (Elizabeth's) discharge, due to some pretty scary symptoms I was having, we got an ultrasound and discovered that our little peanut is alive and growing and kicking, but is sharing his or her space with a massive subchorionic hemorrhage. So I went onto immediate bed-rest. A follow up ultrasound yesterday revealed the clot had stabilized, but I'm not out of the danger zone yet, so I'm on 2 more weeks of bed-rest, at the end of which we'll take another look. There's not a clear prognosis but many possible complications which I won't list here. But the result is, lots of monitoring and waiting and seeing (and lots of praying while we're at it!)

A few pieces of good news:
~Elizabeth is doing well, is stable at home on her antibiotics. She's started preschool again and has returned to her baseline for energy and appetite.
~We qualify for a limited number of days of "back-up Care" service through Matt's work, so we've arranged for a caregiver for the girls everyday this week. We're still figuring out the plan for the next two weeks.
~Matt is amazing! He's working at work (when he can get away from our crazy life at home!) and working at home doing all the housework, laundry, meal clean up, and bedtime routines.
~Thanks to friends, we've got groceries in the fridge, and we've had a homemade meal every evening this week...

The bottom line is, we are not sure what all is going on here, but we know God has a path through this for us...and we'd so appreciate your prayers.

PS - I've included a few pics of the peanut from yesterday's ultrasound. The top one is his or her little legs, but to the right that big gray area outside the amniotic sac is the hemorrhage. The bottom pic is a little wave of his or her hand. "Hi Everyone! Thanks for praying!"


jb said...

hey sara - heard a bit about this from svea. just wanted you to know we think of and pray for you often!! ~judy

Sara said...

Thanks so much Judy. I'm so wishing we could take a road trip and visit our sweet Canadian family right about now...I'd love a fun distraction!