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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 9

Dear Friends and Family,
Today, Sara and I invaded Elizabeth’s room armed with all four grandparents, a guitar and a stack of worship songs. We cordoned off her room with curtains and spent some time
worshipping and praying for Elizabeth and over her. We could definitely feel God’s presence and peace there, and I feel our hope has been given a shot in the arm.
The last 24 hours have been better for Elizabeth. Yesterday, her right arm (which had two important I.V. lines in it) became hot, red and swollen to twice its normal size. This is due to a cellulitis (a bacterial infection of the tissue just below the skin) and she had to have antibiotics started to treat it. Both I.V. lines had to be removed and new sites found. They tried both sides of her forehead (ouch!) that required shaving off some of her cute hair. Eventually they had to put it in her groin.
This morning, her right foot started swelling and turning red as well, requiring the removal of that I.V. as well.All of that minor drama seems forgettable though in light of the fact that her chest tube drainage as been steadily decreasing over the last twelve hours! Things couldn’t have started to turn around at a better time- the doctors we’re starting to discuss re-operating!
While the medical interventions may be playing a role in her apparent recovery, we’re giving God the credit tonight. Keep those prayers coming.
Matt and Sara

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