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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 15

Hopefully you have all remembered to set your clocks back tonight- hooray for an extra hour of sleep. After today, we sure could use it! Today we got our first "new parent" taste of what its like to have a difficult-to-console child. For some reason, Elizabeth cried a lot and couldn't find a comfortable position. And no matter what we tried, we couldn't make it better (certainly raising our stress level).

Be praying for:

1. With the anti-chest drainage medication turned off, Elizabeth's fluid output has gone back up, nearly doubling (from 100 to 200cc/day). It's not a big jump and still a very manageable, but we'd hoped for continued improvement.

2. Despite the three antibiotics, that pesky bacteria continues to be found in blood stream. She is not acting seriously infected, leaving the docs stumped.

3. Suzie, my precious and very helpful mother-in-law, will be returning to Clovis tomorrow...leaving me to fill her giant cooking/cleaning/caring shoes.
4. Her voice was a little louder today, but still not what it should be. Keep praying that the cords and nerves will heal completely.

5. Tomorrow, we will again gather in her room for church, hoping to have another time of peace-bringing worship and prayer.

Love you folks,


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