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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 13

Sara and I have heard that many of you are on "pins and needles" wondering what's the latest with Elizabeth. Several of you have suggested brief daily updates on her progress to reveal God's answers to prayers and guide prayers for the future. There's nothing we like better than talking about our new daughter, so here goes...(you're going to have to tell us when to shut up, or at least ask to get off the distribution list :-)

-Elizabeth had one of her chest tubes removed. The fluid draining from that one had dwindles to almost nothing. A little bit of morphine, a few snips on the stitches and it was out!

-Her fluid output was lower than yesterday's by about 50ml!

-Her blood cultures continue to grow small amounts of a bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. It is very resistant to several usual antibiotics, so they already had her on two powerful antibiotics called vancomycin and gentimicin. Now they are adding rifampin which will turn her urine, chest tube fluid and even her tears bright orange. While we anticipate the successful treatment of this bacteria, it can stick to and destroy heart valves, lodge in joints and cause bone infections. Pray that none of these occur.

-Her bacterial infection reminds us that she has lost a lot of immune cells and proteins out her chest tube fluid, and as a result, is mildly immunocompromised (more susceptible to bacteria and viruses that we, or any staff, might bring with them). Pray for her protection and our continued health so that we can continue to visit and hold her.

-Sara got to hold Elizabeth again for several hours today...made possible by her continued healing from delivery.

Time to sleep,


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