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Friday, October 28, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 14

Elizabeth is 14 days old today! Throughout her post-surgical course, she has been on a medication called octreotide to try and slow her chest fluid drainage. Today, the doctors stopped that medicine to see if her fluid output would continue to decline. We'll know tomorrow.

I got to hold her all afternoon, and learned first hand just how irritated babies become when their diapers are wet! Fortunately, one of the antibiotics makes her pee bright orange, so it's pretty easy to see whether she's wet or not.Even better, the hospital is going to great lengths to "normalize" Elizabeth's environment. They've brought in a bed that looks more like a crib and given her a mobile. They also said we could begin dressing her in clothes as the pictures reveal.
She also passed her hearing test with flying colors, which might explain why she gets super calm when her mother is singing her lullabies.Current issues include:1. Continued reduction of her chest tube drainage2. Successful treatment of the bacteria that were in her blood stream3. My sister arrived from Germany yesterday with a cold! Pray that she will recover quickly so that we can let her spend time with her niece.
Thanks for your support,
Matt and Sara

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