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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who thinks their daddy is the best???

Twelve years ago I married the most wonderful man. The catch is, I didn't even realize just how amazing he was and would become. Our journey together has been anything but dull, and the challenges and triumphs, the sweet times and hard times have only served to reveal the true character of the Prince I will, Lord willing, get to spend the rest of my life with.

He is the hardest working man I know. He faithfully goes to work at all hours of the day and night, frequently giving up hours of sleep in order to be available to the girls and I when we need him. He frequently walks in the door from work, and jumps right into the bedtime routine, often without takiing time to ditch his tie or eat dinner. He'll mow the lawn at 9pm (sorry neighbors!) because he's spent every waking hour seeing patients or caring for Elizabeth when she's in the hospital, Ava in the NICU or the girls at home. He is excellent at what he does, and doesn't do anything halfway. And while the rest of the world admires him as a stellar physician and scientist, (which he is!) he pours his best energy into loving our family.

He is faithful with what God has given him. Through "lean years", and times of abundance, during hospitalizations, bed rest, in sickness and in health, he never wavers in his commitment to our family, willingness to lay down his own plans, and is core desire to honor God in everything he does. He doesn't ever stand at the pulpit, but his life preaches faithfulness, long-suffering, endurance and overcoming love.

He reflects God's love to his wife and daughters. Our girls know such security and affection, they have such confidence in his love and delight. I can trust his heart intentions and rest securely I his love. I know I can stumble and fail, and he is a constnt source of truth and grace. Our daughters can approach God and believe in his love for them because of what they've experienced with their daddy. At the end of the day, He Is Present. There have been countless overnight stays in the hospital, he's worked for hours to build the girls a backyard swing, to share his love for the outdoors and teach them about gardening, bugs and plants, and over and over he's sacrificed his time, his hobbies and his own pursuits, so I could have a full-partner in parenting our daughters.

Matthew, you have been God's best gift to me, from the day I met you. Thank you for your faithfulness to the vows we made, thank you for embracing each challenge we've faced and allowing it to soften your heart, strengthen your faith, purify your life. I love you with all my heart. Happy Father's Day and Happy 12th Anniversary.



His Passionate Pursuit said...

a wonderful tribute to a wonderful husband and father! We are all blessed to know him and especially to have him in our family. We are very proud of you, Matt!

The Schneidimotos said...

What a beautiful anniversary letter--you made me cry!! I feel blessed to have known Matt now for over 15 years, and I always knew he was a special, one of a kind person. He has risen to every challenge and set his priorities in a way that few people have. Both of you have, and I'm so proud to know you. We pray for your family every day, and are rooting for you and wish we were closer and could do more. Lots of love to you all.