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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grateful for Thirty Days

Ava has been in the world for a month and there's a list that's been growing in my head since the day she was born...we have so many things to be grateful for:

~ A spectacular OB, who got the most out of my crazy placenta and kept me pregnant despite the odds.
~ an incredibly peaceful birth...amazing under the circumstances
~ Ava is a girl. Ask a NICU nurse about it and she'll tell you that on average, preterm girls are heartier than boys. We'll take any advantage that's out there!
~ Ava got the full benefit of steroids to help mature her lungs and magnesium for her brain.
~ My mom, able to change her flight home twice, allowing her to be here and helpful for Ava's birth
~ Matt's mom, willing to fly out with 24 hours notice to help during my bed rest.
~ a private room on the newly remodeled side of the NICU
~ a world class children's hospital 15 minutes from our home
~ family and friends, willing to make meals, grocery shop, run errands, watch our girls, clean our home, mow our lawn, bring caffeine, snacks & treats, send emails, texts, gift cards and love.
~ newborn exam, passed
~ eye exam, passed
~ head ultrasound, normal
~ jaundice, resolved
~ a champ! In fact, it's common for babies in utero to grow better than their premie counterparts...babies simply grow better on the inside! BUT, according to the weekly "pregnancy email updates" telling me how much my baby should weigh right now during my 32nd week of pregnancy...Ava's weight is still right on track! Pretty amazing.
~ 6 years ago, a generous friend purchased for me a breast-pump that at the time felt like a total luxury for this stay at home mom. Well, I pumped for 6 months with Elizabeth, intermittently with Ruby, a month with Hannah Mae, and now around the clock for Ava. Once again am thanking God for this friend and her gift. My milk supply is robust and Ava is getting all the food she needs!
~ prayers from all around the world
~ an easy and quick recovery from 3 1/2 months of bed rest and Ava's birth.
~ so far, mama has stayed healthy and been able to visit Ava every day.
~ peace & grace...God has supplied it every day just like he said he would.

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adpie said...

Praise the Lord! What a Mighty God.