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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three weeks, three pounds!

On Tuesday Ava turned three weeks old and on Wednesday she passed the 3lb mark! She's taking just under one ounce of fortified breast milk every three hours, is now up to 1430 grams (try holding 4 navel oranges) and is doing incredibly well. On Saturday, Elizabeth finally got to meet her and yesterday she met her grandma and grandpa for the first time. It's been a big week!

Everyone says the pictures make it so hard to really capture how small she is...maybe this view on daddy's chest will help. She's like a little light, so perfect and miniature. She's amazing.

This weekend Matt's parents and siblings arrive in St. Louis to celebrate his parents 40th wedding anniversary (the real date is in August, but they're graciously accommodating our crazy family circumstances). We're thrilled that the adults will get to meet Ava and our girls will get some fun cousin time. And of course, it is a complete blessing to be able to witness and honor the amazing marriage my in-laws have.

Matt and I will be balancing extended family time with "Ava time" and I especially would appreciate prayers for peace in my heart about when to be where...the bottom line is, we can't possibly have "enough" of either, so we'll just need grace to let things be as they are.

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