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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Elizabeth Update

No news is pretty good news. Elizabeth spend the day with fevers to 104, but it looks like the broad range of antibiotics they are using are finally kicking in- our limp dishrag of a daughter has perked up a little in the last hour. We don't have confirmation that she had bacteria in her blood stream again, but that's what everyone is assuming based on her fever pattern and how sick she looked. We are extremely grateful that my mom is going to be able to fly out tomorrow and stay with us until Sara's mom arrives. Since we're anticipating at least 10 days in the hospital, they'll be a big help.

Tomorrow is Elizabeth's 5th birthday. She also spent her 2nd birthday at Children's, so she's no stranger to important days passing, but it seems sadder to us this time around. Pray that we'll have some creative idea for how to mark the day despite our circumstances.
Thanks to everyone for their prayers...more info when we have some.

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