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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another day older...

Elizabeth spent her 5th birthday getting much better. It appears the antibiotics have finally started working. As you'll see below, she's feeling better and starting to act more like herself. Folks from around the hospital and around town stopped by or sent gifts and Elizabeth felt properly celebrated despite her location.

It's now almost 11pm and Sara just called me to say that Elizabeth still hasn't fallen asleep. Typically, just as she's starting to get better, Elizabeth gets a more than a little maniac and seems driven to catch up on all the talking and playing she missed while really sick. Pray that she'll give Sara some peace and quiet tonight...

The photos attached take you from pre-sick, to really sick, to getting better, to the events of the Birthday, to her cupcake inspired insomnia:

Happy Birthday Daddy! (Sunday 10/10)

Sweet Elizabeth in her "comfort zone"

Birthday Breakfast: Chocolate Chip Cookie!

At mommy's recommendation, Elizabeth tried Chocolate Milk for the first time in honor of her birthday....her response? "MMMMmmm tastes like.....quesadilla!"

For a girl who loves her quesadillas, that's a high compliment!

Princess Balloons from Ms. Megan!

Happy Birthday Princess Elizabeth!

Birthday's over, NOW WHAT??

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Hollie said...

Yummy chocolate milk...So funny!