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Monday, September 6, 2010

Toothless Wonder

We've crossed a threshold. Elizabeth lost her first tooth this
evening! (In the interest of full disclosure, Matt yanked it out
(gently of course) since it was barely hanging on and the new ones
were already growing in behind it.) Elizabeth is ecstatic. She's got
the tooth ready for the tooth fairy and we've now got to decide what
kind of precedent said tooth fairy wants to set.

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Bruce said...

Indeed, Elizabeth's such an adorable and beautiful girl. Praise our God for her life and that she lives happily in this wonderful world. As for her lost tooth, I'm glad that she's still happy and positive with that thing. Like her, my son isn't scared nor sad about his lost tooth last week. And he's even excited for his first visit to the dental(s) (Hilton Head area). And I'm sure that his dentist (Hilton Head) will really take good care of my boy.