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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Endoscopy - Round 3

In the hub-bub of getting ready for Baby Girl #3 and preparing for a visit from my sweet friend, (My Abby from California is here for 4 days!!) I forgot to ask for prayers for Elizabeth's endoscopy today. It's easy for me to forget that there's a risk each time she goes under general anesthesia and each time they poke around near those varices, but I was up early this morning with sweet Ruby and thought I'd send out a quick request. We've got to check in at 6:15, so I have to go get her things ready, but please pray for a successful surgery (she's scheduled at 7:30am) AND that I wouldn't go into labor today. :) That would just be too complicated. Ruby will play at Sophie's house and Matt's got a full day at work, so we're all scattered, but firmly in His grip.
We'll let you know how it goes. There's a chance if things look good, that this could be the last one until the fall, we'll see...
Sara, Matt and the girls

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