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Thursday, May 6, 2010


I don't know if those words will be in the official report, but that's basically how we feel after a really good news from the surgeons this morning. On a side note, in addition to her Endoscopy, we were able to schedule Elizabeth to have her ENT clean out and assess her left ear (where her hearing loss was classified as "moderately severe") while she was under general anesthesia. St. Louis Children's is really good about doubling and tripling up on procedures to save kids multiple intubations and traumatic hospital experiences...and it's much more convenient for us too.

Since the ENT was able to get a good look while Elizabeth was in Lala land, she discovered the extent of a fungal infection in Elizabeth's outer ear (which we've been treating for the past few weeks) and was able to thoroughly clean it out, and also discovered her tube had come out, and the eardrum had sealed over trapping a lot of sterile it's no wonder our little bunny couldn't hear!! So, she's got a brand spanking new tube in her left ear and both ears are spic and span, and in two weeks we will re-test her hearing and are expecting better results! So please continue to pray for complete healing for E's ears...that prayer request hasn't been officially answered yet! :)

In the other good news of the morning, the GI surgeon thought her varices looked good (grade 2 out of 4, 4 being badly at risk of rupturing) and this time didn't feel like he needed to do any sclarotherapy (the process of sealing off veins that will likely rupture soon). And he thought we might be able to wait for 3 months before looking again!

So it's all good news from us today! Elizabeth did great all morning, she was brave and strong and cheerful and as soon as her anesthesia started to wear off she promptly began negotiating for her favorite treats....animal crackers, a Belle sticker and a little Einstein's video...which I promptly supplied.

Thanks for your prayers and emails!


Oteros said...

Hey Harms family,

Praise God for all the good news. We're so excited for Harms #5, and we can't wait to meet her!

The Otero family.

Sara said...

AHHH you and me both! Em, I was hoping she'd make it this weekend so you could swing by and meet her, :) but we'll just have to arrange for another time, whenEVER she decides to make her grand entrance. I was thrilled that we could make girls night happen...I was so delighted to be surrounded by all of you...I'm so very blessed. love you guys.