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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wanna help?

For a number of years now I've wanted to post about the things friends have said or done which have been particularly helpful to us as on our journey through Elizabeth's diagnosis. (And, to be honest, the things I wish I could have asked for, or expressed, but couldn't) This series of posts says everything I would want to communicate.

How to help a grieving friend

Thanks Kendra for posting this link!


Elissa said...

This is so great, thank you for posting it! Very practical and timely for me, as I'm bringing a meal to a family with a little girl in the PICU on Friday-- and I'm always a little worried about saying or doing the wrong thing, but God's been convicting me lately of not letting that get in the way of being His hands and feet to His hurting children!

Sara said...

I'm so glad it's helpful. I resonated with her comments about just offering exactly what you want to do, and not asking a general, "how can I help?". When you're in a position of receiving (not to mention grieving) it's so hard to ask for the things you really need...clean bathrooms, laundry, food, coffee, babysitters, a break from hospital sitting to go take a walk...So it's so nice when someone says, I want to clean your house, or bring you coffee. Can I come this week?"