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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hanging in there in the hospital

Elizabeth is doing okay today. She hasn't had a fever in 18 hours, so
that means hopefully the antibiotic is finally making some headway.
We've switched to a "safer" one and if she improves, we can change to
an oral version for going home. The glitch is, she's been unable to
tolerate ANY food since Saturday. She's getting pedialyte through her
g-tube around the clock, but has to be able to take nutrition before
we can go home. Please pray that she'll start to keep down some food
soon! Daddy's doing an amazing job. He hasn't left the hospital since
Saturday. Ruby and I have been able to spend the afternoon and early
evening there for the past two days and we'll go again today. There's
nowhere else I want to be than with BOTH my girls and Matt. Grandma
and Grandpa Harms arrive for a pre-planned trip on Thursday night.
We're so excited to see them and are praying we'll be home from the
hostpial by then...


Jamie said...

Praying for health and restoration...

Knowing you are bringing Jesus to everyone at the hospital...

Still praying for health and restoration...

All trust in Him,

Jamie Barker (friend of Katharine Taylor)

Shayne said...

Hang in there Harms Gang!! I am praying for strength, healing, perseverance, and grace!! You are a blessing and a testimony to so many - and you have shown God's love and His blessing and provision witness to the world, and we all thank you for that!

I love you all!!