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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bump in the road

Last night Elizabeth spiked a fever here at home and after waiting to see what developed, Matt took her to the pediatrician this morning. Our suspicions were confirmed when he sent us to the ER and she tested positive for a Urinary Tract Infection. Generally though, UTI's don't give a person a temperature of 104, so they're concerned that the infection has gotten into her kidneys or her blood. Since she only has one (horseshoe) kidney, we've got to be good to it! They've started her on IV antibiotics and are admitting her. We're hoping that this will just be a straightforward UTI and her blood cultures and ultrasound will come back clean. In that case, we could be home on Monday. BUT as we've experienced in the past...we never know. SO....I'm writing to ask you to pray for our family.

~Quick healing for Elizabeth & protection from the psychological stress of another hospitalization. Unfortunately, the hospital is practically full, so instead of our usual admission to 8 West, we're going to the 10th floor, and there we'll have new nurses & new staff, so we'd appreciate prayers for favor in our "new" digs.
~Grace and strength for Matt who will be doing this solo whenever I'm home with Ruby; for me (Sara) as I'm not able to be in two places at once; for Ruby, to be flexible as we haul her back and forth and require her to adjust her normal routine.
~A straightforward diagnosis and easy treatment so she can come home soon
~REST for all of us.


jen said...
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jen said...


we are praying. thank you for your sweet and loving comment on our blog - we too long to see you four. the Lord has the time in view, and we will pray that it's near. till then, we have you in our hearts.

jen and joe