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Monday, February 25, 2008

Elizabeth Update

I was hoping to have some difinitive news for you, but as it often goes, we haven't made much progress. We do know that she has Ecoli in her urine (thus the UTI), but it's not responding to one of the antibiotics she's on, and the other is one that is so heavy duty (and can cause hearing loss) it's not healthy to be on it for extended periods of time. As a result, they're still working to find an antibiotic that ecoli will respond to. In the mean time, she's throwing up most of what we're feeding her through her tube, and continues to spike fevers, so we know we don't have a good handle on her treatment yet. She got an ultrasound of her kidney this morning, but we haven't heard back yet.
The good news is, Matt is super-dad.  He's been totally available to stay with her at the hospital and is still managing her care beautifully, while running on only a few hours of sleep and few breaks. His constant presence there has made it much easier for me to be away with Ruby. We'll head up there in an hour so so, and spend the afternoon as a family. Ruby's been quite flexible and we're so grateful for the friends who've offered to watch her, and brought us groceries, and meals. We're frustrated that Elizabeth is in the hosptial and eager to get her well, but in the mean time, God is giving us supernatural grace to juggle this crazy life of ours.
Thanks for your continued prayers and support! Love, Sara


Amy said...

Praying for you guys...with love, Amy Corley

Joni said...

Have you looked into D-Mannose? It's sold as a health supplement, but it works to keep e-coli OUT of the bladder and once there, within 24-48 hours of taking it (as directed), the e-coli is flushed out.

Read about it here; I highly recommend it. I have a paraplegic husband who battles UTIs and this is a godsend.

Read about Dr. Jonathan Wright, a Tacoma, Washington doctor who developed it ..

And you can just google "d-mannose" and find a lot of places that sell it, usually in powder form, around $35-45 USD for a jar.

Good luck.