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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Results of Elizabeth's CT

We finally heard from Elizabeth's GI. Basically, he hasn't had a chance to sit down with the radiologist, but his initial review of the report leads him to agree with UCSF's assessment and plan. Since nothing's changed, the bottom line is: she's still too small to shunt (connecting a healthy portion of the portal vein below the clot to a healthy portion -if there is one- above the clot), and at this point in time, since she's not bleeding or having any symptoms that would force our hand, the risks of liver transplant far outweigh any benefits.

So it's still a wait and see game. That is unless something comes up in his conversation with the Radiologist. Praise God for no imminent surgeries and for a stable clot. We're also thankful to hear she has developed some collaterals to decrease the pressure on her verices. How strong these collaterals are, and how long they will last...only God knows, and time will tell. We're certainly happy to take "transplant surgery" off our list of to-do items for before BGH2's arrival this fall.

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. Last week was a big challenge, as Elizabeth got the Roto Virus for the 2nd time, and was miserable, with high fevers and serious GI issues. We are SO grateful for the antibiotics she was put on after her last bout that landed her in the hospital in January. Those antibiotics prevented her from getting a UTI and complicating things this time around. I was able to care for her entirely at home and that, honestly, was therapeutic for me. Too often I've had to hand over the care of my daughter to other people, so to be able to comfort her all by myself was just precious to me.

She's completely well now, and we just said goodbye to my good friend Jillana who flew in over the weekend to offer me some help and respite, and our VERY FIRST date night (read: TWO HOURS ALONE) since arriving in Saint Louis in July. Elizabeth got to practice being a "big sister" to Jillana's daughter and when we dropped them off at the airport this afternoon, we had meals in our freezer, cookies on our counter, organized bins of baby clothes in our basement and hearts full of gratitude.

Here are a few pictures of our week:

Elizabeth playing with her very first tea set...thanks Sophia!

Just a sweet smile

Matt practicing for TWO! (for reference: Eleni is SIX months old, weighs only 3 lbs less than Elizabeth, and can eat her under the table...though our Peanut can SCHOOL her on her ABC's.) :)

Elizabeth and Sara with our sweet friends, Jillana and Eleni
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Cheryl said...

Very sweet piccys!!! Thanks for the update, Sara! How is the mama feeling??? I can't remember when your due-date is. You'll have remind me! Hugs to you all...