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Monday, September 24, 2007

Please Pray for Elizabeth

It's already late here in St. Louis, but we wanted to quickly get the word out that Elizabeth has been admitted yet again. Yesterday, she began having severe diarrhea, high fevers and vomitting. Sara took her to the pediatrician's office and was sent from there to the ER for additional testing and intravenous fluids. These showed that she probably has just a viral thing, but her labs showed that she was severely anemic and that her stool contained blood. They are very afraid that her gastric and esophageal varices are bleeding. We have no idea what this might mean for her future, especially since the GI doctor recently told us that the options are very limited at her size and age.

We are grateful that God has allowed this "viral thing" to shed light on the more serious issue of her anemia! But we're getting weary of this routine, especially now that we live 6 miles from the hospital, have no family in town and have to share a room with a Power-Ranger loving kid.

Pray specifically for:

1. Elizabeth's spirit as she goes through more painful procedures and feels lousy overall.
2. Sara as she and our next child try to get rest in a noisy shared room in a noisy new hospital.
3. Me, as I try to decide where to spend the next week. I had been scheduled to fly to California to be with my parents as my dad has urgent surgery. Obviously everyone is as conflicted as I am over where I should be.

Thank you for banding with us yet again.


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