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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Eliza-bug update

Hi Everyone,
Tonight's update will be quick. I'm home to sleep since my mom arrived this afternoon and I'm wiped out. Elizabeth is clearly improving...less swelling, better lab results showing that the blood transfusion was successful at combating her anemia. She still has "lower GI symptoms" (use your imagination) but was well enough to ask for her Silly Songs video 26 times today and get a little cranky when I wasn't on the ball in keeping her entertained. They're watching her to see if she bleeds again and also to see how she does transitioning to food by mouth (actually by G-tube) and off of her IV fluids. Still no clear answers to all the "whys", but lots of people are still thinking about it so we'll see. We're hopeful that we may be home before the weekend.

Matt's dad's surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on his kidney is scheduled for tomorrow morning and with their support, Matt has cancelled decided that he needs to stay in Saint Louis with Elizabeth and me. His parents are gracious and understanding and we're trusting God to carry them through this, and knowing they'll get lots of love and support from our family that is able to visit and friends nearby.

A few good things to report as we head to bed:
*Elizabeth is improving
*Despite only knowing me for a month, we have experienced overwhelming practical and emotional support from my small group. They have stepped in where our friends in the Bay Area left off and we are humbled by the incredible care they are showing us.
*Granna has arrived and is sleeping with Elizabeth tonight so I can get some rest at home.
*Abby, who extended her trip over the weekend to help me out, ended up with Elizabeth's bug, spent Tuesday vomiting, and but is now on the mend. (please pray that her 10wk old son, Evan, doesn't catch this nasty thing!)
*While one of my small group friends sat with Elizabeth, Matt was able to come with me to my OB apt. and ultrasound, where I learned today that my Placentia Previa is completely resolved. It is out of the way of the cervix, and THAT is a huge answer to prayer. At the very minimum, this means I'm not at risk for early labor, early bleeding or bed rest, ALL of which would have further complicated our already "jam-packed" life.
*Matt's getting great support at work and has been available for a great deal of Elizabeth's hospitalization.

We're exhausted but hanging in there...thanks for your prayers, kind words and thoughts, and your steadfast support through the next leg of the roller coaster we're riding.

Here are a few pics of the Bug.
Sara (for all of us)




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