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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 53

Keeping it brief tonight-

The Good News:
1. Elizabeth got her last doses of vancomycin and rifampin! She's currently not requiring any antibiotics.
2. Despite increasing her tube feeds to 16 cc/hr this morning, Elizabeth's puking has not increased.
3. A repeat ultrasound to look at the status of her venous blood clots showed good improvement, so much that they stopped her blood thinners altogether. These were requiring twice daily shots into her thighs, so she's really happy about it.
4. She spent most of the day awake and delightful again.
5. She's had no fevers for over 24 hours.
6. She seems to enjoy her oral stimulation exercises and she seems to be responding with decreased irritation at things being placed in her mouth.

The Prayer Requests:
1. Continued tolerance of her increasing tube feeds...just 1 cc/hour to go. We're hoping the daily antibiotics were contributing to her emesis and that their discontinuation will help.
2. Her chest tube output continues in the higher-than-we'd-like range. It's come back down to the 20cc/day range, but is nowhere near the 2cc/day it needs to be.
3. Sara and I are leaving Elizabeth under her mother's watchful eye on Thursday to go on a date! Pray that we'll be able to spend some time talking about something other than Elizabeth, and that we'll be able to have some true fun.

Matt and Sara

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