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Friday, December 2, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 49

Dear Friends and Family,

Tonight we'll spare you the diet details in favor of delivering an email of unadulterated good news!

Elizabeth had a follow-up MRI this morning to assess the bleeding around her brain. We are praising God that it has completely healed! While her cerebellum and brainstem still appear abnormal, the radiologists were unable to find the other abnormal area they'd seen previously in the cortex. If you recall, the previous scan had shown some abnormal brain folding on the right side called polymicrogyria. The presence of this abnormality suggested a much higher chance of developmental problems and seizures. But to repeat, they couldn't find that area on this scan! We're doubly happy about that.

So yes, feedings are still going nowhere, she'll likely need another transfusion, and she has another fever, but tonight we're focusing on the very good news from her MRI. We even went out for sushi to celebrate.

Keep praying that:

-Elizabeth's reflux and vomiting will stop without requiring changing her feeding tube

-The fever she's having would end and NOT mean yet another infection requiring yet more antibiotics

-God would cause more good news to poor down on us

Matt and Sara

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