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Sunday, December 4, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 51

Dear Friends and Family,

Apologies for the delay in sending out the Sunday, Day 51 (Dec 4) update. Hopefully, no one was worried that a huge set-back had been suffered. You can be sure that if things are going poorly, we'll find a way to get that prayer request out! A day of silence probably means things were relatively stable and we were busy in some other way.

There will be a separate Day 52 update, so this covers only the events of yesterday. I'll save all the prayer requests for the end of the Day 52 update. By the way, the Elizabeth Joy section of our website is pretty much up and functional at (check it out for additional Elizabeth "Extras," like her official birth stats and Mom/Dad sanctioned Nicknames). Each day's update is available there, and as time permits, I'll be going back and filling in the archives.

Back to Elizabeth's Sunday...She continued to have fevers throughout the day, and no can figure out where they are coming from. Her chest tube fluid output over Saturday also doubled again :-( back up to 40 cc/hr. They had to restart her diuretics to try and dehydrate her to try and slow the fluid down again. Despite this, she was continuing to make more fluid than she had since her thoracic duct ligation.

Other than that, she slept a lot and managed to keep her food down rather well- only one or two episodes of vomiting.

Prayer Requests: See Day 52's update.



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