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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Working "The Plan"

When we left the hospital last week, we had a plan in place that would hopefully keep Ava at home as much as possible even if her seizures continued. After increasing seizure activity over the last few days, we had a conversation with our Dr. and got the go ahead to do "the plan*". We gave Ava rescue meds this afternoon and though she responded well at first, her seizures returned, so tonight we had to bring her to ER for more substantial intervention. So far, she's obeying her daddy and following the bullet points exactly. The big girls are tucked in at home and we're praying Ava Bean escapes without an admission.

*The (official, but constantly changing and could at any moment be completely tossed out) Plan
*when we see a ramp up in seizure activity:
1. try rescue meds at home
2. drive her to the ER so she can get stronger IV meds
3. if she responds well (seizures stop, and she stays out of respiratory distress) we can go home!
We're at step 2, and step 3 is looking hopeful.

We took these pictures a few nights ago...the big girls were so excited finally get Ava in on the matching Christmas Pjs

Don't you just want to be part of that hug??

She's pure sweetness.

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Barb said...

Love these precious pics! So thankful you've had the opportunity to take them! Sorry you are back to the ER but thankful and hopeful with you that you can return home without an admission. Hopefully by the time you read this you are back home. Love you guys! Continuing to pray for all of you!

Abby said...

Umm yes I want to be a part of that hug! I love seeing the four of them together. That must bring your heart so much joy. :)