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Friday, January 6, 2012

Funny Business

Ava did not have a great night last night. Yesterday she dropped her heart rate for a few minutes, overnight it was her oxygen saturation and this morning she had a two hour seizure which meant she didn't get her scheduled EEG to check her brain for subclinical (not visible to the observer) seizure activity. She did get rerouted to to a CT scan however, and the preliminary results look fine.

It's difficult to see her regress after a few wonderful days. We know many of you around the world are gathering in your various homes to pray for Ava and our family tonight, so we wanted you to know the latest...the fight continues!

In other news, our sweet Miss M is back and feeling better, and after having two days of fevers, Elizabeth appears to have rebounded without a hospital visit! Quick, somebody write that down! Ruby and Hannah Mae are still fighting colds (tis the season!) which means they can't come visit Ava and so we continue the hospital home juggling act.

All of this is in His hands. We so appreciate your prayers!

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