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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Endoscopy follow-up

THANK YOU for your prayers! We're home and the procedure went really smoothly. Ruby had a grand time at her friend Sophie's house and Elizabeth was strong and brave despite knowing what was about to happen. We got an IV in on the first try, were able to get all the blood we needed for labs and the anesthesiologist was extremely responsive to my concerns about how to put her under. He gave her an advance dose of some of the anesthesia so she could fall asleep comfortably in my arms before I took her back to the procedure room.
The endoscopy went well, though they had to inject two varices which were quite "juicy". We got slightly differing reports from our GI and the one who actually did the injecting, so it's hard to tell exactly what the bottom line is. It's somewhere between "this is what we'd expect at this stage and not too worrisome" and "Gosh, it's surprising that we still have to inject varices at this point, perhaps her Portal Hypertension isn't getting better". 
We'll see what the labs show as far as other possible causes for her weight loss. We're still praying that it's just the effect of multiple illnesses and once she starts eating well, she'll be gaining weight like a champ. She hasn't been able to keep much food or water down yet, so please continue to pray for that. She seems more fragile this time around perhaps because she's simply out of "reserves") and we can't go too long without her taking in nutrition.
Thanks for continuing to walk with us...

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