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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Endoscopy

This morning Elizabeth has another Endoscopy. This one's been cancelled twice now because she's been sick both times. We're not sure if it's just the multiple viruses in a row or something more significant, but Elizabeth has lost almost 2 pounds in the last 2 months. She's wasting away and we're growing increasingly concerned! This endoscopy is important to tell us if we're moving in the right direction with the sclerotherapy (treatment for her espophogeal varices) or if she's getting worse and that's what's producing the symptoms. We're running a bunch of other labs to try to uncover other possibilities. Last week when we came to the endoscopy, they cancelled the procedure but put her through a bunch of tests that really traumatized her. I don't think she or I can do that again. Will you pray for God's mercy for Elizabeth today? Smooth procedures, Comfort from the trauma and unknown and fear of the known, and a clear revelation of what's going on here?? We'd really covet your prayers today.

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