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Sunday, January 25, 2009


We finally have some snow that's sticking to the ground! It started to snow while we were driving to church and really came down during the service. We emerged to a winter scene, complete with snow falling hard to quickly cover any tire marks or footprints. It's fun to finally feel like there's a payoff for all this cold weather. :)

We bundled the girls up when we got home and had some fun running and playing in the backyard. Ruby decided she liked snow once I showed her she could eat it, and Elizabeth was brave and decided to make her first snow angel! Dad did some asthetic touchups before I could take the picture, so what you're seeing has been given some attention with a broom. :) He WAS sweeping the sidewalk for us though, so I guess Ican't complain!

We also built a tiny snowman, difficult to do since it was so dry, but we managed and the girls had a great time.

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