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Friday, January 9, 2009

Post-Christmas Update

We are so thankful that we got to spend almost two whole weeks with family in California. Elizabeth and Ruby got to see aunts and uncles and cousins galore and we enjoyed the few moments we had to put our feet up while the Grandparents loved on the girls. While the trip couldn't technically be called "restful", it did allow us to spend time with the Harms Family in advance of Matt's dad's surgery to remove the kidney cancer which had invited itself into his pancreas. Since Matt had to cancel his plans to attend his dad's first surgery during the Fall of 2007 due to Elizabeth's hospitalization, we were especially grateful to share these moments with the family this time around.  
Matt stayed in the Bay Area for the surgery while I took the girls to Clovis for a few days with my family.  Sadly, shortly after arriving in California, both girls got colds, and a week later Elizabeth's had turned into a bacterial infection in her ears. After flushing out her ears, a bunch of days of fevers, improving then worsening symptoms and consults with a pediatrician friend, we finally got antibiotics the day before we flew home. I, for one, am ready to take a trip that doesn't include any emergency trips to the doctor! The trip home was equally eventful, and needless to say, while we're so sad to say goodbye to family, we're glad to be home. 
The day before Dad's surgery, we finally were able to meet with the "feeding therapy guru" as I like to call her. Despite E's fevers and overall misery, we actually had a great session and she was able to get a clear picture of Elizabeth's abilities and limitations. We got some feedback and tools that should either prepare us for an intensive session later in the spring when we get called up from the waiting list, or will allow me to help Elizabeth make the progress she needs here at home without the intensive sessions. We're now waiting for E to get well so we can get this party started!
On Monday we'll meet with Elizabeth's ENT to discuss putting tubes in her ears to help us avoid more infections and hearing loss, and on Thursday she has another upper endoscopy to check the status of the varices we recently sclerosed. We've got a lot going on and would appreciate your prayers for our health. It's apparent that even a simple cold can throw Elizabeth off track for a while physically, create bigger problems in her little body and often results in a regression of the skills that were so hard earned.  But it's cold season and I can only quarantine us so much!
In Ruby news, she'll be 14 months old next week and is eager to do everything Elizabeth does. Her favorite words are, "YEAH!" in response to anything that sounds like a question, and "no-no"...which she says while holding a hair-clip or patting her head where the said hair clip should be...I guess we tell her not to take out her bows a lot.  Now that she's walking everywhere, she's eager to start running! She can't quite pick up her feet that fast, but her attempts are too cute. Oh, and when she hears any kind of music, she bobs her head, shakes her bum and throws her hands in the air....The girls keep me on my toes and thankful for naps and quiet times. :)

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