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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Pregnancy Update

Hi everyone,

Here's a not-so-great-but-it'll-have-to-suffice scan of our first ultrasound pictures! We got a freebie ultrasound from my friend (and nurse) at the First Resort clinic in SF. The baby is 17.5 weeks here, and is about the size of a pickle. :) the images aren't perfectly clear, so I'll to tell you what you're seeing.

In the top left picture (labeled 1) The baby is lying horizontally on it's left side, facing us. Its teeth and nose make up the bright spot in the middle of the picture, and its arm is above that with its hand probably cleaning out its ear. :) the belly is directly to the left of the nose/mouth area.

In the bottom left picture (labeled 2) it's a little sketchy, but again the baby is lying horizontally on its left side, and you can imagine that after the last picture, we moved down the body and now we've got the belly and if the baby's in a tucked position (modestly hiding his or her genitals from view) we're seeing the front of the legs from the knees down.

moving counterclockwise, the bottom right picture (labeled 3) is the clearest shot of the face. Again, the tyke is lying on its left side and facing us, and you can make out the nose and teeth beds (the bright spots in the middle of the screen) and can also see the eye sockets. Again, he/she appears to be touching her ear with her right hand and his/her arm is up near his/her face.

Finally, the upper right picture (labeled 4) shows the brain and in the original picture, you can also see the ventricles and the germinal matrix! (neuro speak for parts of the brain).

We're pretty much thinking he or she is going to be pretty darn cute based on these preliminary photographs...and who can blame us! We'll be getting the official ultrasound from our doctor on the 25th of this month, so hopefully we'll be able to make out more features on what is sure to be a better machine.

Thanks for sharing our joy!


Sara (for all three of us)

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