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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Table Food

For the first time ever, one night last week Elizabeth ate exactly what we did for dinner. I made red beans and rice from scratch and decided that the flavors might be right up her alley. She's a savory girl like her Mama. Well, She loved it! She ate all 10 ounces (her regular volume for meals) and though she ended up throwing it all up after the last bite, she was willing to eat the same meal again the next day and the experience has inspired me to offer her more table food ground up in our trusty food mill. Unfortunately, the food we regularly eat is no where near as calorically dense as Elizabeth needs it (she'd have to eat more than US in order to get the 300 calories she needs at each of her 4 meals!) so I'm adding butter, sour cream and milk to everything these days.

Our Dinner

Her Dinner

Elizabeth enjoying a snack of sour cream. I had some on my plate with lunch and she came over, scooped some up on my fork and ate it...and then said, "YUM"! I immediately scooped her some and she at ete it up! Here she's leaining over admiring herself in the mirror....yeah, she's a cutie pie.
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singerchick said...

Congratulations on the progress! She is a cutie pie indeed!