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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cousin Camp Round Two

We are so blessed to have family who is willing to come all the way to St. Louis to see us. We've been showered with attention all spring and couldn't be happier. Last week, my brother, Micah, his wife Tawni and their daughter Rachel came to visit for 6 days and we had a ball. Not only did they spoil us by cooking fabulous meals and helping with the girls, we also loved all the great conversation and hang out time. Rachel and Elizabeth were two peas in a pod (they're 8 weeks apart) and by the time Rachel left, Elizabeth was a full-flegged Rachel impersonator...including when it came to eating! Elizabeth learned to feed herself with a fork, eat more table foods than she's ever tried, and had so much fun being a "big girl" with her cousin. Here are some pictures of our week together followed by a post linking to a few videos of "feeding therapy with cousin Rachel".

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Danielle & Kevin said...

Can Ruby look any more like you, Sara? Adorable . . . can't WAIT to see you all in July - heard the news of an impending visit from Christine yesterday and I'm thrilled to see my Elizabeth Joy again and meet Ruby for the first time! (perhaps we four can also find time for a decent bite of pasta together as well ;-) Love you all! Danielle