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Monday, January 28, 2008

Elizabeth's Health Update

This past Saturday we had an appointment with Elizabeth's Gastroenterologist. He's proposed doing a catheterization study, in order to see the exact scope (if possible) of Elizabeth's portal vein clot. This procedure would most likely involve an overnight stay in the hospital for Elizabeth, since she'd need to be on a breathing tube and the procedure would require threading an IV into her femoral artery and trying to reach the clot to deliver contrast. The bottom line is, Elizabeth seems stable on her medications and the next step is to see if we can once and for all fix the problem of her clot and her resulting verices by doing a Rex Shunt (yes...if this sounds familiar, we've been here before). The Rex Shunt requires that there be a portion of the portal vein above the clot to "hook into", so if the study shows that no such site is available, then we're back to square one: waiting for one of her verices to bleed and if one does, possibly listing her for a liver transplant.

After the cath study, she'll get another endoscopy to look at her verices. If, by a miracle, they are improved, then we may possibly be cleared to fly to California this spring...We're praying for that!

All in all we're doing well. We ventured out to church this past weekend...I spent most of the service in the foyer with Elizabeth, who isn't used to being quiet for more than 10 minutes at a time. If we keep her out of child-care for much longer, we're going to need to practice sitting still and being quiet a bit more before trying that again. :) We also made it outside for a few walks and Elizabeth got to practice her walking. Both girls are doing great. Elizabeth adores Ruby and kisses her every chance she gets. Ruby is cooing and smiling up a storm and we're getting into a grove here at home with the help of Ami, a gal we've hired to help me out a few hours every day during the week. She's been a godsend for me and Elizabeth just loves her.

Finally, one more piece of BIG news: Matt passed his board exams with flying colors! We are thanking God for getting us through that and now just have the hurdle of oral boards left. He's been officially offered the fellowship position for next year, so (Lord willing) we're for sure in St. Louis until June 2009.

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Elissa said...

Thanks for the update Sara! The pictures of the park day are adorable :) And congrats to Matt! But was anyone worried that this would be the first time in his life he didn't pass a test with flying colors??? :) I'm glad you guys get to stay put in St.Louis for a bit.