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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Upcoming appointments

Days fly by. Elizabeth is getting bigger and stronger and if it weren't for her tube feeds every 3 hours & and doses of a half dozen medications twice a day, it would be easy to forget that her underlying health remains a huge concern. This week we'll see Cardiology and Gastroenterology. If her heart is handling the blood pressure medication, (which she's on in an effort to reduce the pressure in her verices) then we may move up to a full dose in the hopes of delaying a shunt or transplant proceedure that may become necessary if she bleeds.

Ruby is an angel. I'm slowly wading my way through the paradigm shift that is having a healthy baby and am enjoying it immensely. My saint of a mother is still here, still going strong and making sure I take daily naps and keep eating. We are so thankful for the meals, gifts, notes, emails and phone calls. We're overwhelmed on a daily basis by how loved and well cared for we are. Here are a few pics from this week. I'll send out an update when we're finished with this week's appointments.

Elizabeth LOVES her sit-and-spin!

Gotta love those pigtails

Our sweet Ruby Christine

Getting some "Granna time"
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