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Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy 1 Week Birthday Ruby

What a week! We're a family of 4! Ruby is recovering from her jaundice and we're getting to do all the newborn things we didn't get the joy of experiencing with Elizabeth while she was in the ICU. Elizabeth has turned into a full-flegged toddler and is movin' and shakin' and keeping us on our toes. She'll walk before long if she can figure out how to balance. She's up to 26.5lbs and is thankfully staying healthy so far through this transition. Granna Peterson is still here and Matt's back to work so we're really appreciating all the meals graciously delivered from our new friends in St. Louis. Next week we'll have a follow up GI apt. for Elizabeth and will hopefully hear the final (or close to final) word on wether we'll be able to travel home for Christmas. Have a great week!



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Robyn said...

Congratulation Matt, Sara, and Elizabeth on the new addition to the Harms family. Ruby is gorgeous! I am always thinking of and praying for you all. Love, Robyn Hazelton

Mills' Memoirs said...

Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful. Blessings to you all! love Becky (Svea's 'adopted' sister in Canada)