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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Last night marked a few delightful milestones for our family.

First, we made it through Matt's board exams! After a 7 hour exam, he's finished, and if he passed he won't need to revisit the material until next fall when oral boards roll around. It should be 10 weeks before we know the results, and in the mean time, we'll be bringing another little Harms into the world, so that should help keep us distracted enough!

Second, Elizabeth played, actually played, with leaves! She watched daddy rake them and then sat in the pile with mostly smiles. Until she was done, and then there were no more smiles. The fact that she's overcoming both her fear of new things, and her aversion to textures is an encouragement and gives us hope that someday she might do things like walk on grass, play in the sand and fingerpaint, without tears.

Hope you're enjoying your Fall!



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jen said...

congrats, matt. we are SO glad you have those boards behind you. we've been praying heartily for that. next, we'll be praying for the arrival of BHG#2.

love, joe and jen