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Friday, November 16, 2007


Nine Days, four IVs, two antibiotic injections, at least a dozen blood draws and IV attempts later and 1.2kg heaver, we're finally home! Elizabeth said goodbye with her usual charm and we left Children's with promises and hopes not to return soon. We'll continue to treat her for her GI bug for 3 more days (that means we'll still be on "isolation" at home) then we're back to our old routine. She's her chipper self and in case you missed it, now weighs close to 26.8 pounds!! Only a month ago she was 22 pounds and we wondered if she'd ever pass the 23 pound mark. Well, it appears we've landed on the right formula...she's gaining weight like a champ and we're tenatively allowing ourselves to believe the Dr.s when they tell us it's "good weight" and not fluid.

We're so thankful for all the all the prayers and support that allowed us, for the first time since Elizabeth was born, to make it through an entire hospitalization without a respite from one or both of our moms. There aren't enough thank you notes in at Walgreen's to sufficiently thank everyone who brought meals, sent emails and gifts and money and simply called to express your love. We are truely grateful for everything.

Here are a few pictures from our last day and trip home:

Look at those chubby legs!!

With Betsy's help, she's going to walk herself right out of that hospital!

Taking a break from unpacking to play with Daddy

So Happy to be HOME!
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